The sweet full disaster day

I used one day to take the train to Nice. It was a sweet disaster day. Nice is beautiful. With a thousand alleys that make you want to walk into each one, exhibitions, restaurants, bars, stores, the beautiful seafront, the rolling hills and the steep mountains in the background. A thousand looks in which you can lose yourself. Almost right at the beginning, a full catastrophe happened for me. I liked the city theater and wanted to photograph it with my Sony alpha 7c, done a million times, but this time the lens fell off the camera, onto the concrete, onto the shutter and now cannot be attached to the camera. I would have loved to scream out loud, but that wouldn’t have changed anything. My second experience of the strangest kind was when an express train from Darmstadt suddenly announced its very imminent arrival to me. I looked in my app, because there are also public toilets marked. The nearest one was only 200 meters away, I should just about manage that, I rushed to the aforementioned spot on the beach and found many people there, the lifeguards, but no relief. So I rushed full speed to the nearest beach bar, ordered a Monaco and went straight to the throne of relief. After that I enjoyed the Monaco with a great view of the sea.

Many wonderful things seen in Nice, still something for supper bought, I stood again in the station, ready for the return trip, in one of the long queues in front of the ticket machines. Actually, there were enough machines, but almost all were out of order. So after about a quarter of an hour I was almost at the presser, I reached into my pocket to pull out my wallet, there I fell into shock, because in my pants was everything but a wallet. I stepped out of line, felt around, nothing, no wallet. All my thoughts at that moment, I can not reproduce, but some: “I Vollpfosten, have of course my credit card after the Sim card purchase not rausgetan, so that I now have no card at all! F..k, how did that happen, actually I pay attention to it, especially at train stations, I always have my hand on the pocket? F..k, F..K, F..K!, …” Well, after all that brainf..k I had to get some fresh air, I sat down on a staircase in front of the station and thought about what to do now. Pay maybe I could with my cell phone, I think I have it set up but not used yet. With that in mind, I rummaged through my backpack, but I never put my wallet in my backpack, I always put it in the same pants pocket. And what was that? Never say never! I held my wallet in my hand, I couldn’t believe it. In the grocery store, I chatted a bit with the cashier, then I was probably a bit careless. Trembling I rose from the stairs, went back into the station and lined up again at the end of a queue, there the sweat ran from my forehead, as if I had just run 30 km. But all’s well that ends well!

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