Hi, I'm Frank

Year of construction: 1968
Manufactured: on planet Earth
Race: human
Marital status: happily married

I can do many things, but nothing fast and nothing straight.
I know a lot, but nothing really and I have all the half-knowledge.

what i like
Hobbies: photography, computers, music, hiking, smartass, chatting with friends and having a drink.

Music: Leonhard Cohen, Pink Floyd, ELO, Eurythmics, Kings of Leon, AC/DC, David Gray, Lewis Capaldi, Gerhard Schöne and millions more

Movies: Hobbit and Rings, Dirk Gently, Avatar (anime), animes from the Ghibli studio, general. Fantasy and trillions more

Books: Demian, Alchemist, The End is My Beginning, City of Dreaming Books, The Book of Disquiet by Assistant Accountant Bernardo Soares and many more

Oh, and one more thing:
Ever since I was a child, I’ve dreamed of discovering, meeting, getting to know each other and traveling. But life always presented me with the right excuses not to travel and I used them consistently.
That’s how I lived my life, or rather: It lived me.
Until now!
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