The positive thing about the day

Inwardly cooled down, we started again the next morning. The sun once again brought its full arsenal of rays. Fortunately for us, much of the trail was shaded by trees, but the heat was still noticeable. Arrived at the campground, we were not thrilled, because it was again one of the expensive, large and dirty kind. But what the heck, sleep one night, then it’s on and that’s exactly how it was. The next day, the sun again burned away all past worries and made itself the only thought in the mind.

The foot, the heat, the effort were hard on Johanna, and the way did not get easier, because today it was mainly along busy car roads. Sometimes the sun, harvested fields and the asphalt road battled it out to see who could throw the most heat at us. 3 km before the campsite we passed a supermarket and devoured ice cream and cold drinks sitting on a curb.

Johanna wanted a day of rest, preferably in solid walls and there our destination today had a lot to offer, because unnecessarily there were three campsites next to each other. Of course we had to go to all three campsites, because the first and second had no free accommodations and the third had nothing to add. Disappointed, we went back to the first campsite. There we booked two nights, so one day of rest. We also decided to take a break at the next but one station, in Orange, to plan the rest of the trip. On the one hand, Johanna’s strength was dwindling, on the other hand, the prices for accommodation in the south were becoming more and more perverse, and furthermore, forest fires were reported around Avignon.

The positive thing about the day was that we had chosen the right campsite, which turned out to be a quiet oasis with its own beach to the Rhone and very pleasant guests.

On the day of rest we used the private beach. Johanna filmed me while I ran helter-skelter into the water and jumped into the floods like Superman as a dolphin. While I was still jumping, I noticed a scratching on my head and I was shocked to realize that I was an idiot running into the water with goggles on. I scanned my head, but there she wasn’t, surfacing cursing loudly and trying to spy the goggles in the water in a panic. Fortunately, there was no current there and the thought that I still had my glasses with me calmed me down. So I systematically searched the area under water, Johanna directed me and with a lot of luck I found her after 15 minutes at the bottom, lying in the sand.

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