Some more Luxembourg

The time in Luxembourg was great and over quickly. On the last day I drove again alone to Luxemburgstadt, in order to get there, with the only hatter of the country, a replacement for my lost hat. And fortunately, in addition to the hats from his own production, he also had some off the rack. So it became a kind of straw hat from Stetson.

Back I Michelau the things were packed, and we both were glad that it goes on now. The next morning we took the train to Luxembourg City, transferred to the train going to Metz (our next big city on the way), but got off at Bettembourg to take the train to Dudelange. So fully took advantage of the free driving in Luxembourg and got to know the drudgery of getting in and out of our overloaded wagons.

From Dudelange central station we went again by pedo in the direction of France. Take a deep breath, get the city behind you and then grinning and rejoicing again, step by step enjoy nature.

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