San Remo

I was a little baffled by the stress the Italians were under, because I had to be out of the campground by 10:00. I didn’t want to stay longer anyway, but that does add a bit of unnecessary pressure.

My path no longer led me into the city, but along the road, along the beach. This way, unlike the city, it was beautiful and had charm.

To buy something for breakfast, I went to a small supermarket and rejoiced. It was well-stocked, clean, unlike France, there were some products under one euro, a huge selection of cookies and freshly prepared pizza corners, which were topped very simply, for example, with tomatoes and olives or onion. Such a corner also became my breakfast. While I was eating that, thick clouds came up.

I didn’t get any rain, but unbelievably beautiful rays of hope. The sea constantly changed color, the sun broke through the clouds here and there, creating mysticism and drama. I enjoyed these sights and let myself be enchanted, took countless photos with the cell phone, annoyed me, because of the, in Nice dropped lens, because with the camera I could have done much more magic here and went slowly on to stop again and again.

My way today was only 13 km long and so I reached the campsite in a suburb of San Remo already at 14:00. That was good, so I had enough time to digest the coming shock and let my thick neck, thin. The “Buengiorno” sounded automated, without a smile, without a sign of welcome, after seconds I already had the feeling “Give me your money and get lost!”

“How long do they plan to stay?”
“Two nights, please.”
“Okay, one night is 60 euros, without electricity, with electricity 66 euros.”
“Do they really mean 60, so six, zero or 16, one, six?”
“Wow, I’ve been to a lot of campgrounds on my 4-month trip, but none have been nearly as expensive as this one.”

Bored eyes of the receptionist looked at me. Many thoughts went through my head, I would have liked to go on, but the last few days I had planned through and no longer had any desire for adventure.

“One night!”
“Then I get another 50,-Euro in cash, for charging this card, which also serves as a door opener. If you buy something here, it will be deducted from it, and you’ll get the rest back when you leave.”

After that he showed me my place on a map and I had booked the most expensive tent night of my life. The place was a parking lot paved with concrete blocks, among many others. Right next to me was a fat Audi Combi with Austrian license plates. I quickly got into conversation with the nice couple and was amazed that they slept in this Audi, used it as a camper. After that I went shopping and then I used the campground’s own beach to go swimming in the sea. The showers on the square resembled those from a hotel. But nothing made up for the price and the unfriendliness of the staff working in the reception.

Fortunately, the people in the square were not as this location made me think. Everyone was friendly, great conversations and stories were shared. The place was fully booked, like all the seaside ones.

I didn’t fret about the price for long and enjoyed the day to the fullest.

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