Saint Jean de Losne

You’d think early on all that stuff would be stowed away faster if you had a cottage. But this is deceptive. If you sleep in the tent, you are very careful not to unpack too much, because in the tent you have no room for all the odds and ends. In a cottage, on the other hand, all the pockets empty explosively. Within seconds, each of our rented Tiny Houses looks like overworked Messi. And so we didn’t get going until 10:30 a.m. here either.

From 28 km on the voie bleue, I shortened the voie köh by 6 km. The path was again fantastically beautiful, but did not run itself, because the sun had a lot of fun on this day to heat little people to white heat. Especially the last kilometers were tough. For one thing, I saw on my Locus map app that the campground was only 300 yards away from us, stupidly on the other side of the Saone River. On the other hand, I saw in the same app that the bridge ahead of us, which we had been running towards for ages, was still 2 km away and that we would have to walk back these 2 km, of course, on the other side.

Well, eventually we arrived at the bridge, looked in amazement at the other shore, it reminded us of resorts by the sea. On the bridge, national flags of the EU member states were waving in the wind and the German one was snuggling at the end of the bridge next to the French one. Many wayfinding signs gave meaning to the intersection, two of which stood out for me. One is the village entrance sign “St Jean de Losne”, where St Jean was on this side of the Saone and Losne was on the other side of the Saone. And a blue sign, which announced in yellow letters that this city is a stage on the Way of St. James.

Arriving at the campground, we had a tent site assigned to us at the associated campground bar-restaurant “Les Herlequins”, pitched the tent and immediately returned there to cool off from the inside. I ordered a large Grimmberger beer, which looked like a rose wine with a beer flower, tasted very good, was drunk very quickly, very refreshing and with 7.50 €, that was for me so far most expensive beer on a campsite.

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