The next day we went to the vicinity of Rochemaure. To get there we walked past a nuclear power plant. The first thing that caught my eye was a huge, beautiful graffiti on one of the cooling towers. As we got closer, we saw huge wind turbines, next to the cooling towers and as we walked by, we saw the huge parking lot covered with solar panels. But none of it gave us a square inch of shade. So we kept panting until we reached Rochemaure.

There should be a grocery store there according to my app and indeed there is. Only stupidly, like almost all smaller French stores, it takes a huge lunch break, from 12:30 to 15:30. Our watch announced us noon 13:00. The ravenous appetite for something cold is enormous in this heat, so the disappointment of this unity was not absent. But it did not last long, because next door is a small pizzeria, which, rather un-French, was open at that time. From the outside you could already see the refrigerator with the liquid sanctuaries present. So in, a Coke sans sucres for Johanna, an Orangina for me and, …uuuh the salads looked delicious. We asked if there was also a vegetarian salad. I know it sounds stupid, but here they go to great lengths to heavily dress everything up with ham, bacon or meat, because otherwise the average local wouldn’t perceive it as food. But for us the chef of the house prepares a vegetarian salad fresh. The salad plate was served to us and looked just like a salad looks, green-red with a white blupp over it. Johanna courageously treated herself to a fork of it and couldn’t stifle a “wow” as she chewed. Something crunchy was still in there, a special cheese added its touch and the Blupp also had a total flavor whoop. Although we can’t say yet what a typical French restaurant meal is, we can say that there is a great emphasis on good taste and fresh ingredients.

After more cold drinks, our mood barometer was able to keep up with the sun again, and so we moved on. It wasn’t long before we were standing in front of a massive pedestrian suspension bridge. After this culinary surprise now such a feast for the eyes. Running over them was also huge fun.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Then the scenery and the sun made sure that we come back to the bottom of the Glühofen very quickly, and obligingly only panting with heat and not with enthusiasm. The home stretch was about 2 km into absolute nowhere.

The campground should be at the end of this trail, but not a single sign pointed to it. Stupid and app-believing, we followed this path to nowhere and suddenly found ourselves in front of the entrance to the local outdoor pool. On behalf of my government I asked for a permanent accommodation, the two cool guys consulted and replied “Come with me, I’ll show you. But only for one night.” We got a mobile home right on the lake, with its own dock, air conditioning, toilet and shower. We would have loved to stay one more day, but that was denied from the start.

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