Radio Star

We still enjoyed the morning at the lake before we went on our way again melancholic. This led mostly along the Rhone, which meant on the day, many kilometers dead straight out, without shade. The sun played first-person shooter with us and tried to burn us up with its rays until the end of the path. At some point the phone rang at Johanna’s, she couldn’t get to it fast enough, then it rang at mine. An Euskirchen number, I picked up and on the other end Radio Euskirchen answered and asked if they could interview us. Exactly at this time we took a break under a highway bridge, on the Rhone, opposite Montelimar. Of course, we didn’t mind and happily answered the questions. Back on the road again, under the balmy sun, we asked ourselves, was that real now or did we just imagine it?

With this injection of motivation, we won the first-person shooter against the sun and reached the supermarket just before the campsite in Chateauneuf du Rhone. We strolled through the supermarket, bought a few things, the main thing was that they were cold and already enjoyed some of them on a bench in front of the store. After that, the last 300 m to the campsite ran as if by itself. This time we were for a long time again on a camping municipal, a municipal campground and paid 9 happy euros. All set up I still walked around the campground and saw at another hiker a brilliant idea that reads me immediately go back to the supermarket. There I buy a bag of ice cubes, put them in a bag, added all the available and filled drink containers and so we had a whole evening of ice cold drinks.

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