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The awakening was heavenly, icy cold but visually a feast. Everything was full of hoarfrost, which the first rays of sunlight literally evaporated. The small river Woltz also showed its mystical, romantic side with rising water vapor. As if the sun was preparing a morning coffee. We did, anyway, and shiveringly enjoyed the rolls brought to the tent. The sleeping bags dried quickly in contrast to the tent, which I still had to pack a little wet.

Then it was back to the slopes. The Vennbahn already ended in Trois Vierges, since then the bike path ran on normal car roads, which fortunately had very little traffic. Again we passed through impressive landscapes and again we met only very few people. The road dragged on and seemed to get longer and longer. 

About halfway, we passed through the standout town of Clervaux, which we explored tour-wise and treated ourselves to what was probably the tastiest tarte flambée ever.

In the afternoon we reached Enscherange. At the campground in Trois Vierges, Johanna discovered that it was also possible to rent small bungalows, which of course I kept from her until then. So we asked at the campground for the prices and rented the hiking hut “Fred” for one night. Nevertheless, I put up the tent so that it would dry.

I thought everything was okay, Johanna ran well and has a cabin tonight. But for her, everything was far too much. So I decided to change the route completely.

My journey is supposed to be on foot, but I don’t want to be a dogmatist about it, so if a horse and cart picks me up, or there’s a nice train route ahead, or something else comes up that I like, I’ll take advantage of it. Here in Luxembourg, trains and buses are free for everyone. Most tourists here rent a “home base” somewhere and explore the country by public transport, which is really awesome. In Germany, they only talk about environmental protection and make buses and trains more and more expensive, because cars bring jobs. (The question is, for how much longer? I think with autonomous vehicles, private ownership of cars will become obsolete). Anyway, I decided to go for two more days and then explore Luxembourg City by train from the campground in Michelau.

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