Out of the forest

I looked closely at the route suggested by the app, because I was tired of great trails with big stones, roots, too narrow and too steep passages. As a normal hiker I love such slopes, but as someone who wants to have a good time while carrying a bit more luggage, it is unnecessary. Another point is, my route is far from towns, but every now and then a supermarket, a cafe or a human is something really great. So I set a point in my app, at the point where the next bike path in my direction crosses the suggested route, and left my route when I reached that point in favor of the bike path. It was the bike path 18 and quickly you realize that Belgium is a cycling nation. These trails are in very good condition and perfectly signposted, which brings the huge advantage of not having to look at your phone so often, and you save electricity. Furthermore, the bike paths lead through villages, where every now and then you meet a little person, which you can ask for water. This was rather difficult in the forest and fields. But even here it was not easy, because the places were small and the people were probably at that time in the forest or in the field or went to another work. Anyway, it wasn’t until the end of my day’s stage that I managed to successfully ask a friendly little person for water. In the next village, Amel, there was even a supermarket where I could once again sin a little. When I left this one, I had deja vu. As in Hellenthal, it was already very late. To get to a suitable place to sleep, I had to walk a long way and, of course, uphill. That was a real final spurt. I found a spot in a small grove among the fields, dragged the car into the woods, set up, lay down and slept in heavenly peace, well except for the noise of the cars from the nearby road.

It’s really crass what we humans produce for noise! When the animals begin their night’s rest, currently around 9:00 p.m., the, poopophony of the humans comes penetratingly to the fore. Cars, shunting trains, really loud are airplanes and you do not believe how many fly around at night, – the noise is really crazy!

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