Once again civilized sleep

After the exciting night, I woke up surprisingly well-rested. No one came to chase me away, no rain and no thunderstorm. The sun came up, I brushed my teeth and got dressed. My feet, soaked from the day before, had shriveled up again, but every tough and every heel was given a blister. Running 1,100 km and not having a single blister and now 12 at once. The best feeling was when I then put on my still wet socks and stuffed them into my wet shoes.

After I had everything packed and tied up, I treated myself to a nice breakfast on the stone rest area bench.

At first it was very painful to start running, but after a short time, body and mind had come to terms with the fact that “It’s like this, what do you want to do? Stand still and take root?” In addition, a highlight awaited me at the end of the running day. Because after 5 nights of wild camping, today once again a campsite was waiting, so if it exists, is open, has free places and I reach him.

I had to earn this beautiful landscape hard that day, the feet hurt, it was steep up and down and the roads were very narrow, so I had to stop very often to let the cars pass safely, and that for the entire 24 km. But all went well, once again the path had protected and guided me and also the campsite was available with free capacity. I also planned one or two rest days.

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