On the highway

It was dark, countless stars in the firmament, it dawned, it became light, the sun rose, I decided the constant on/off sleep 2 on off zustellen and struggled me still quite sleepy from the hammock. Yay, survived first night in the hammock and learned never to forget the sleeping pad. I cleaned up and packed up, then brewed my own invented morning coffee replacement energy drink. 4 heaped tablespoons of Ovaltine and 2 heaped tablespoons of soluble coffee on half a liter of cold water and shake it properly. Wow, that was delicious and it had a lot of kick. With this fuel I wurstelte me the remaining gravel road down and stood before a highway, there was no other way, I would have everything zurückgemusst and my Wanderapp wieß me the way on the highway “Forward always, backward never!” once said a complete idiot and so I did. The app showed “only” until the next departure, then I was allowed down. Off I went, fast, very alert, on the far left edge, praying incessantly “Please let this go well, please don’t let any police come by!”

The first thing I saw on the opposite side was a warning sign warning of wild goats, the second a closed amusement park, in between, before and after, a lot of cars coming towards me and not a single one honking! Crass! I saw the downhill and also this became a thrill, because I was running on the left, that is, where the cars with momentum, brettern around the curve, to keep up on the highway. But at that time, in that place, no car had that need and I came out of that situation safe, sound and unpunished. This experience reverberated in my mind for a long time, at least until I was standing in front of a supermarket, as planned. There was then again a lot of “cold and liquid”. Some water, Schweppes Agrume and iced tea I still packed on the cart, so stupidly its balance was levered out and I had to push the cart down hard the rest of the time. To realign everything, I was too lazy.

The road dragged on, it got longer and longer, my strength dwindled, even the beautiful towns high up on hilltops didn’t move me to stop and marvel, mindless wanting to arrive was the thought. Although the arrival point was not a fixed destination, it should at least give me a reasonably quiet night. Once again I walked through a village and when leaving it gave the otherwise narrow car road, a separate two-lane bike lane. I reduced my walking speed and literally enjoyed the required carelessness. The sun had also done a great job today and decided to set. That’s when I noticed a small overgrown piece of land, with a few trees, tall grass, seemingly between two properties. My lack of strength gave me the LMaA attitude I needed to set up my hammock within sight of houses, right on the bike path and surrounded by yapping dogs. Here I learned that the further the distance of the trees, the higher you have to hang the mat, otherwise you sit or lie on the ground. On the sleeping pad I fell asleep pretty quickly, but woke up a few times because of dogs, motorcycles and cars.

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