Not my day

To spare Johanna’s nerves for the time being, and also because of the unpredictable search for a place to sleep in the steep terrain, we decided to move from campsite to campsite for the time being. So we set off early on 4/27/22, or rather we wanted to set off. Because somehow I was totally through the wind. No handle sat, everything took a very long time (okay, that’s normal with me, but here I mean really very long), so that we left the campsite only around 12:00 clock.

This time there was even a highlight almost directly on the way. The Cinqe Fontaines Monastery. I was very happy, our first real tourist sightseeing. Once there, it was a rather shuttered house in the sticks. I guess I should have read something about it and not simply interpreted something into the hiking map. Okay, check off, strap on the car, “crap”, there was a small piece of car broken off, nothing major, but fitting for the day. A short time later, we wobbled so through the beautiful landscape and rumms, my backpack strapped to the car made itself independent and said the road “hello”. Hrrr, re-buckle, keep running to perceive a few kilometers away a noise that you know, but do not want to admit.

A flat tire, I wanted to scream out loud, but I think that day even that would have become a laughing stock. Thank goodness, a simple valve swap helped. But I was through. I said to Johanna “There’s a campground around the corner here, you decide if we take this one or keep going because any decision by me today will lead to disaster.” Now I must add, we had only run 7 km, but the answer was clear. “Okay, then we’ll stay here.”

You have to recognize such signs and listen to them, because on the one hand I had made a slight mistake in terms of kilometers during this stage, we would probably not have reached the targeted campsite, and if we had, then only with struggle and tears. And secondly, we were assigned the most beautiful spot to pitch our tent that we have ever had.

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