Five days have now passed since the last blog entry and all of those days went about the same: sweat, get up, sweat, get ready, sweat, run, sweat, break, sweat, run, sweat, arrive, sweat, cool down from the inside if possible with excessive visits to the bar, lay down on the sleeping pad, sweat and try to fall asleep lying in your own sweat.

The first night of these five days we spent at the campground “Harmony” near Cruas. This one cost 27 harmony-demanding Eurons. For this I met my love at the bar after the first sip, it was called Monaco and consisted of some grenadia syrup, lemonade and beer, all ice cold and costing less than a large beer. I inhaled 4 Monacos, which then said goodbye again later in the form of sweat on the sleeping pad.

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