Luxembourg City

We slept in properly, made our way to the train station to go to the capital and have breakfast first thing. The train came, I put on my mask and Johanna panicked. Since she changed jackets several times in the hotel, the mask was of course in the jacket pocket left at home. I didn’t want to go back, I was starving, so I gave her my mask and pulled my scarf over my face, which I always have in my pocket in these changeable temperatures. The thrill was worse than wild camping, but all went well and we had a leisurely breakfast in one of the many cafes at the station.

We explored the city without having prepared ourselves. I love to just drift, although then you miss many sights, but see much more how the locals live there and what they do. That’s what really interests me. Besides, in Luxembourg City almost every house seems to be a landmark. We still had a few things to get, which unfortunately took a lot of time away, but we planned to come back a little more organized. It was a very nice day in a very nice city. It was a great feeling and I had one of the few moments when I felt I was on a wonderful journey.

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