Let’s go

The motivation tank about 80% filled, I left the campsite with a crying and a laughing eye. Because on the one hand, it was, after all, paradise, which did me incredible good. On the other hand, it shrank my travel fund in no time.

The road knew how hard it was for me to say goodbye to the sea, so I was allowed to walk more than 10 km along the coast and catch epic views.

It felt great to be on the road again, but of course many memories of the time with Johanna came back to mind and heart. May the views of the ocean be epic, the view I had of my wife running for hours each day was gorgeous. Navigating, was much more difficult, because now I had to pay attention to the traffic, the road and the cell phone at the same time, before Johanna took over the first two points. But most of all, I noticed the approximately three weeks of running-free time. My condition had probably visited my motivation in the basement and stayed there.

At some point it was time to say goodbye to the sea. My way led me now approx. 230 km by the hinterland, this began symbolically with the crossing of a large stone arch bridge. And indeed, I immediately found myself in another world. There was nothing to see of the sea, even the pleasant sea breeze had no desire for mountainous hinterland and so I found myself on well paved, sometimes very steep car roads between rocks. I was amazed when on the other side of the road, under a tree, a herd of wild goats with huge horns enjoyed a shady spot and looked at me rather suspiciously while I passed them panting like a donkey with his cart.

So I mastered serpentine after serpentine and hoped every time, please after the next bend no longer so steep uphill or downhill. But, as the Russian proverb says, “Hope is the meadow in which fools graze.” Then came the long-awaited turnoff to a side street where I had marked a possibly suitable place to sleep. In fact, it became a real back road, including gravel road and apparently very rarely traveled and some forest. So I set up my sleeping camp after about 16 km. Since the ground was overgrown with very prickly plants and covered with many stones, I decided to use the hammock. So ready and overheated as I was, I left out the sleeping pad, because at night it was not really cold, but still 17 degrees below body temperature and so my first night was a very chilly experience. In addition, there were the noises, or rather the noise. For to one side was a highway and to the other a quarry with a stone-scraper. And there he was again the fool in the meadow of hope. “It’s not like they’re working through the night, and I’m sure the cars are getting fewer, too.” Ha, Ha, hope laughed itself crooked. Of course, they worked through the night, and of course the stones had to be picked up every quarter of an hour by a fat truck, and whether there were fewer cars on the expressway didn’t matter at all, because every motorcycle, every moped at full throttle or the turbo of a superduper car brought me closer to a heart attack. Also, at night everything moves closer together and I thought I was lying right in the quarry where a car race was taking place and I would fall asleep every now and then.

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