The morning was unusual, make coffee with kettle, cozy at the table in a hut breakfast and everything was packed up pretty quickly. Almost perfect, if Johanna’s mental and physical strength had recovered overnight. But they didn’t. She was a heap of misery and did not know what to do. So I made the suggestion that we still walk today’s stage to Kautenbach and from there directly take the train to Michelau. That cheered her up a bit, but she didn’t feel much better until we found an affordable hotel in Michelau during the first break in the run, online, and booked it for five nights.

So we went with new forces the “only” 10 km, from the slopes, however, it was the most demanding so far. I also forgot my hat after a rest. Hrrr =( 

Arriving at the station of Kautenbach, we sat down and waited for the train with free WiFi. I found it very strange that the church bell also struck at the same time as the large hand of the station clock. The train pulled in on time, we pulled the cars to the car door and found out that masks are mandatory on the train. I had my mask ready to hand, Johanna, tidy as she is, had put it away in the best possible way, as it was otherwise never needed. The train left without us, I dug out my spare masks and so we waited for the next train in half an hour. I discovered in time that it did not stop in Michelau, asked again to be on the safe side, and so we waited another half hour. But even that passed, nothing pushed us and with free wifi Johanna is also happy.

Arrived in Michelau, we walked the 1.5 km to the hotel, along the little river Sauer. When we met the owner at the door of the hotel, he eyed us and his looks said it all. Luckily we had already booked and paid online =)

The bags and the trolleys, the narrow staircase to buxieren was again something exhausting, but for that the room was nice and big, so that everything found its place. It’s funny, in the forest you pay scrupulous attention to order, yes not too much clear out. On the other hand, if you are in a cottage or hotel, it immediately looks like bomb.

Quickly washed a few things, organized drinks at the bar and we could sleep comfortably in a bed.

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