In the rain we dismantled, packed up our things, had some breakfast and set off in our rain gear. This time we had 12 km along the Saone River ahead of us.

After about 2 km it stopped raining and after a little more than 3 hours, we reached the campsite in Tournus at 13:58. Mightily we were pleased that the reception opens already 14:00, because often this is not the case until 16:00. And so we were able to quickly move into the little house “Snow White” and trash it with our stuff in no time. The tent and some other things were still soaking wet and needed to dry in the fresh air.

Johanna allowed herself and her nagging foot some rest while I made my first lap into the city.

Much smaller and completely different from Chalon, it still left the same, big, overwhelming feelings. I could never decide which alley to go down next. Each lane performed its own massive baltic dance, shouting quite loudly, “Come to me, come to me, come to me!” The city is a real gutter hit.

On the second day the sun was shining, so we were able to show all our things that did not dry on the first day to the sun, which fixed this mishap within a few minutes. In the afternoon we walked together through the stark alleys and let ourselves be enchanted. Back again we first had something to eat and then we packed our things again.

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