First awakening

For many years Johanna didn’t know if she would make this trip with me, and was more likely not to. On the other hand, I wanted to do it in any case and gradually bought the things that you think you need. Among these things was a tent. Now I did not want to plan without Johanna. But just alone also no big two-man tent to drag around, so I bought a 1.5 man tent. This narrowness is a great challenge for an inexperienced person. My wife struggled cursing but bravely with this situation and eventually she too was in the sleeping bag. But then the nightmare really began for them. All the great emotional moments, the effort, the first time at night in the tent in the woods, the noises, the constant expectation that someone would come and the very worst she was freezing. During the night it became -7 degrees and she did not get warm! I checked her sleeping system, it was perfect, only her body, it did not produce heat, which could have insulated the system. She put on everything, but it didn’t help. The more she froze, the more often she had to go to the bathroom. At night, peeling out of the tent in sub-zero temperatures and then freezing back into a sleeping bag that doesn’t seem to do anything. It was sheer horror for her, but eventually she did fall asleep. But then I startled up, because she had nightmares and screamed quite loudly. In short, we’ve had nicer nights in our marriage. We woke up around 6:00 a.m. and waited impatiently until it finally got light. We quickly noticed that everything was pretty wet in the tent and realized pretty quickly that the wet was also frozen. With the first usable light, we got up. The only advantage of this cold was, I did not miss my electric toothbrush, because my my hand shivered any decay from the teeth and the ice-cold rinse water froze any germ in the mouth. Quickly a hand of ice water in the face, then quickly, so fast it just went, dismantle the tent, roll up sleeping mats and sleeping bags. All of these items were kindly totally wet, which meant unpacking everything again later in the day to dry in a meadow. The bag packing and loading took quite a long time, no handle sat, no routine was available, Johanna froze and froze and did not get warm. We ran off, stopped to adjust the bags on the carts, and started arguing. We walked on, stopped to adjust the bags on the carts, and continued to argue. We ran off, stopped to adjust the bags on the carts, and argued pretty hard.

In the next village we wanted to go to the bakery, but there was no bakery, somehow there was nothing, only houses without people. But for that there was a nicely trimmed resting place. Two benches around a table under two huge lime trees. There we settled down, made coffee and tea and had breakfast still shivering. But with the coffee and semi-frozen chocolate peanut cream on whole wheat bread, the sun beat down on our black jackets and literally burned the argument. We had to find a solution, Johanna couldn’t risk another frozen night and I didn’t really want to pack a frozen tent either. The weather app predicted 3 more nights of frost. So we looked for a hotel or something similar, but Covid and the flood in NRW washed most of them away and the rest were fully booked. Since we were only a 15-minute drive from home, we decided to head back home, sit out the freezing nights, lighten our luggage, and optimize. We called Heike, an absolute super friend with a great car. 2.5 hours later we were a bit ashamed, but relieved at home. And lest our adventure just pause, our shut-off main water faucet went completely haywire and broke. This made pooping in the forest more pleasant than on the throne at home.

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