Another world

The daily procedure in the morning, with taking down the tent, putting it away and so on, went pretty quickly and we were on the road again. The sun shone again very fritous, but this time the landscape offered a little more shade and also the colleague wind had freshened up. We were now traveling in the Ardeche department and marveled incessantly at these magnificent landscapes. There was the Rhone, there are small, steep, overgrown mountains, forests, lots of green, endless apricot, peach and nectarine plantations, even kiwis are grown here. I would write here that we have also tried some things, but that would be theft, which of course we would never do.

I had never seen anything like it, it was very impressive. The only one who wasn’t interested in the whole thing was Johanna’s foot, which was aching with boredom after a few kilometers.

So we were glad when we reached the campground Iserand in Petit Lavay after 20 km. There, too, we could not get out of our amazement. It was so idyllic, nestled in the countryside, between peach fields and vineyards, with many small cottages for rent and absolutely friendly atmosphere. We resisted the temptation to rent a cottage, because we only do that when we have to.

We set up the tent, tied it to the fence, because we did not know yet where we would be given some shade in the evening and the wind was blowing properly. We spent the rest of the evening with cold drinks in the bar and then enjoyed this heavenly spot in front of the tent.

There are places where you would like to stay longer. But it’s also good to leave these places quickly and think back to them longingly.

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