Another oasis in the yet-more-nowhere

Well strengthened and relaxed, we started today’s 14 km towards Hurecourt. The weather bombastic, the landscape almost kitschy beautiful, up and down and there we were. Again we were greeted by a Dutch couple, this time a very young one. The wife spoke super German and her husband English, so the communication works perfectly. And because everything was so perfectly understandable, we treated ourselves to a night in the Tinyhouse there. This campsite is located outside the small village of Hurecourt, in the middle of the fields, spread over a hill. There, too, people met in the evening at large tables, had a drink and got to know each other. Among others, we met a young German family with their little kids who were trying to build a life on the road. I love to meet people who are trying to live their lives consciously. Yes, we Germans have a reputation as stuffy, towel-throwing, schnitzel-eating bourgeois, but we are definitely among the craziest. The sympathetic Dutch campsite operator couple is also fulfilling their lifelong dream. A year ago they fell in love with this place, took it over and are now trying to run their campsite “La Jonquille” permanently with a lot of effort and work and we wish them success and all the best from the bottom of our hearts!

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