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The campsite in Tourrettes was great, especially quiet, so mainly quiet, so zusagen very quiet. I used the quiet rest day, as so often, in the camping chair, writing and publishing my blog. It’s really stark how much time it takes. I can’t do that on the side and if I imagine youtube now, I wouldn’t even know how and when to do that at the moment. I would have to take a bigger break there. But since I am now very sure that there will soon be a major break, I just keep pushing the Youtube project, as before.

Every morning when I had breakfast, the nice Belgian gentleman from mobile Home across the street came and brought me freshly brewed coffee in a bowl. For one night I also had a very nice, German couple from Karlsruhe as a tent neighbor, which was on the road with the bike. Mostly, however, I had the feeling of being all alone in the campground.

A last breakfast and off we went again, on the roads of Provence. One more night and I’m back at the Mediterranean. With this thought, I ran towards the sea, passing through fantastically beautiful landscapes. Suddenly I had to look more times and make my brain realize that this is real, what the eyes see there. In a parking lot were loaded dinosaur. As they moved through loading across the parking lot, it looked pretty stark.

My way led me along the long-distance bike path EV8, which is also well signposted. About 500 m after such a sign, the way changed from asphalt to rocky dirt road, I suddenly stood in front of a barrier, which closed exactly this way, even for hikers and walkers.

There it was again, the little peeling adventure. Most of my thoughts said “oh come on, keep running, where else are you going?” The more cautious thoughts saw how steep it was going downhill there and asked “And what if you have to go back all that klaterratatsch because, for example, the path is totally broken?” In that moment of pondering, a jogger came running. I asked him, what does that mean? His response was a shrug, “I don’t know, but there’s always a lot of people walking around here.” and he scampered merrily on. I squirmed under the barrier because my car was too wide to fit past the side of the barrier. A new doubtful thought worried me “The jogger was surely talking only about pedestrians and not about esles with trucks behind them, like me.” Just a few steps were enough to say “Sh… on it!” because the path and the landscape became breathtakingly beautiful.

In a good mood, I went further and further along the path. Suddenly, a view of a valley opened up before me that I will probably never forget. Framed by the trees in front of me, in the distance was a valley, or rather a plain, deep below me, with fields, paths and houses, and on this plain was a mountain on which stood a large church. Behind it were mountains and sky again. And at some point I realized that what I perceived as heaven was not all heaven, because suddenly I saw a ship there – that’s the SEA!

It was such a poignant moment. I do not know why the sea can cause such emotions. I used to be seized by longing for the distance when I saw the sea, now I am in the distance and it is pure, deep emotions, perhaps to be described with gratitude and humility. The only tangible thought, was the wish that my wife could see that, that she would be here now! Because on the one hand, I know that it would have touched her just as deeply and on the other hand, I would love to share this moment with her. But you can not pass on experiences with words, not even with pictures, only the story of it, but never in its entirety with all its impressions, emotions, scents, sounds, surprises,…

Despite all the beauty, I had to move on. The path became steeper and steeper, but fortunately never impassable. I do not know, which officials there, which louse ran over the liver, perhaps it was the possibility of falling stones, or was it the forest fire hazard or simply a Wandergringe the barrier erect and close let, no idea. A second barrier came, under which I had to pass in the duck alley, and which ended this grandiose path. The path became even steeper, it was super exhausting to walk the path. Fortunately, with the barrier also the ground changed to asphalt, because on the stony dirty road, I would have certainly come to slide. When I reached the valley, I could look up and see the houses high above me that I was passing. That was also impressive.

It was after 5:00 p.m., I still had 7 km to go and I didn’t know what surprises the road still had in store for me. Since 19:00 o’clock the receptions of the campsites close, I marched tautly step, with ever more powerless legs. I reached the campground in Pegamon in time after 28 km and got a place for the night. For this I paid 10 euros, LOVE THANK YOU!

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