8 km is sometimes a lot

There was no grass left on the site assigned to us, just dried up, compacted clay soil with lots of dust. So anything that gets too close to the floor immediately becomes wonderfully dirty.

Yesterday’s 28 km did not go unpunished. Johanna’s yesterday’s fight laid on her mind, so that not only the foot hurt. Nevertheless, she did not want to stay in that place either. Today, only 8 double-checked kilometers were on the schedule.

Actually it would be 30 km to the next campground. But since we can’t walk 30 km at the moment, we booked accommodation in Valence and thus split the distance.

Pretty much at the beginning I looked once too little on the hiking app and took a wrong turn. Fortunately, this mistake could be corrected by another turn, so that only a few hundred meters of detour resulted. We took the most direct route possible to Valence, so we didn’t follow the Rhone River, but just dull car roads. Nevertheless, the landscape here was no less impressive.

Even though there were only a few kilometers to go today, they turned into a marathon for Johanna. Because with a cracked mental state and aching body, every step becomes a tearful struggle. If the sun then cooks a rage soup out of this emotional salad, all the crumbs of patience from both of us are soon used up. We reached the seismographic peak a few meters before the finish when it was a matter of crossing a road. But the incredibly great thing about our marriage is that we also get along again very quickly, without holding grudges. And so it was here, we opened the door to our room, entered with the cars and almost, within seconds, after much peace and joy, there was also pancakes.

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