Soon to start

Only 3-4 more days, then it finally starts. Actually, I should be the happiest person because I am in THE TIME of my life. But it doesn’t feel like that at all right now. The dream is so far away. There are still so many errands, goodbyes, errands and have you ever made a cookie banner according to DSGVO and a privacy policy for a website, hrrrrrr!
In any case, my brain hasn’t yet figured out what movie is playing. I hope that comes with the first steps you take, hopefully taking a few deep grinning breaths.
While I can hardly wait for it to start, Johanna’s anxiety is growing. “Always running, in the rain and cold, in the dirt. We will stink without end. I don’t know if I can do it!” Accustomed to grooming herself perfectly and helping herself from the overflowing closet, she would prefer to postpone going out more and more.

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