On the road

The night was cold, but my sleeping system was great. So great that it took a lot of effort to peel myself out early on. The night itself went as thought. “Oh man, why don’t I go to sleep?” In doing so, I forgot that it was only 8:00 pm. I listened to the great soundscape and tried to match the sounds. Around 6:30 I got up and needed pretty much exactly 2 hours to dismantle everything in peace, to put away, to pack the car and to have breakfast. I was still on the phone with Johanna and gartulierte my friend Michael to his fortieth. Afterwards, I stood around motionless for a bit, feeling my heavy thoughts lighten a bit, and enjoyed the first rays of the sun, which magically sent its light and soothing warmth through the trees. Suddenly a noise, something ran towards me, about 10 meters in front of me noticed me startled the roebuck with his two Riecken and they turned sharply. With these beautiful images in mind, I set off in the direction of Hellenthal. This time the Eifel showed its steep side. “Old folder” on some mountains I really had to muster all my strength to bux the car, which otherwise whirred almost weightlessly behind me, upwards, only to slow it down uphill with all my weight, and that is not a little at the moment. I quickly noticed that my goal for the day, Hellenthal, was receding into the distance, and a thought quickly popped into my head “Screw the goal for the day, I want to have a good time and not a race!” Pleased about this, I slowly walked on, grinning.

I remembered that Johanna doesn’t like to drive long distances by car, Hellenthal is my last town in Germany, I would like to see her, my muscles were burning more and more and it would be nice to have a rest day together there. So I called her and asked her. A few hours later I reached Hellenthal. A cute little town, the first thing I noticed was a large, beautiful, very busy playground. I hadn’t heard so much lighthearted laughter, screaming, giggling in a very long time, that was food for the soul. A few minutes later I was in front of a fairly new Aldi, there I chained my car to a light pole and got food for my body. This food consisted mainly of various smoothies, some of which I already greedily killed in the parking lot. Meanwhile, I was on the phone with Johanna and she had already booked a hotel. How awesome was that! Startled, I realized that it was already 5:30 p.m. and I still had to find a place to sleep. As the name Hellenthal reveals, it is located low down, to find a place to sleep you have to go pretty high up. For this I now had only one hour until it was dark. I fought my way up one of these mountains and also found a place to sleep in time. Suddenly dog barking, very close to me, I froze, was it a hunter, would he spot me? About 10 minutes I loved motionless and only heard what was happening around me and fortunately nothing happened, the barking moved away, my pulse raced, but that was it. When I finally crawled into the tent, it was pretty dark. Inside, I was looking forward to a can of Pils purchased at Aldi. I opened it with relish, celebrated the first big gulp, and was horrified to discover that cold beer in cold surroundings is not as sparkling as the anticipation of it.

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