Listened to the sign

Except for the fact that one car’s alarm system went off twice during the night, and each time a Frenchman complained loudly about it, the 30-euro night went smoothly. The baguette we ordered was smeared with peanut butter and eaten. Then it was back to the slopes, another path led us down into the valley, to via Rhona. Once on the bike path, the sun knew exactly where to find us and turned on afterburners. The scenery was eye-catching as always and Johanna’s foot still didn’t know how it was doing. It dragged along but we made good time, took small 3 breaks, were disappointed that the supermarket on the way was closed today Sunday, but survived it.

At some point we had walked 13 km and the moment came, as the previous day, to leave via Rhona to enter the hinterland. And just at that moment we walked past a hotel. Johanna’s words “This must be a sign, like yesterday, let’s stay here.” I thought for a moment, thinking about Johanna’s condition and the fact that we have to walk back to this exact spot tomorrow, so nothing fair away technically. Then I looked in the app and booked a night. The booking was so fresh that it was not yet in the hotel system when we checked in. But even that worked out pretty quickly and we went to the room. In the evening we shared a pizza and a portion of fries. Thereby we watched TV for the first time after exactly 12 weeks and to its celebration even in German. In that sense, this hotel stay was also our 12-week travel celebration.

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