The tent, I left, as long as it could stand, yet it was not yet completely dry. I was annoyed with myself for once again not coming out of the crease. I can’t describe what I’m losing all this time to, but suddenly I look at the clock, and it shows, without batting an eye, that it’s already past 10:00. But I would have preferred to start before 10:00, so it became 10:30. Which is not entirely insignificant, because there were 31 km ahead of us. In addition, there are certain days in a woman’s life that don’t make it any easier. Well, let’s say the mood was slightly cloudy and the fact that the weather oracle was pointing around a 20% chance of rain didn’t help to cheer things up either. Walking was hard, but she struggled and bravely went step by step. At 30 km step by step is ‘ne a lot of wood. I searched in my app the way, whether it is somehow shorter and lo and behold, about 15 km before arriving in Heuilley, there was a path, which shortened the wandering bike path by 3 km. You can already see the problem with this on the map, only you don’t really know what the reality looks like. Our chosen bike path is a paved path and is shown that way on the maps. The shortcut was a dotted line, so it was unpaved and in addition there was, or should be, a bridge on this route. I informed Johanna about this only shortly before arriving at the possible shortcut, so as not to raise false hopes and to include her in the choice of path.

I walked the possible shortcut a few meters alone while Johanna took a break. The trail started out paved, then quickly became a meadow trail, but it was okay. In a garden I disturbed two little people reading the newspaper and asked them if the path was good and the bridge was there. Both were answered in the affirmative and so, full of optimism and joy, we pulled our luggage carts along the meadow path. This left then the way away and became the meadow, after approx. 2.5 km meadow the way came again, left the meadow behind and went into a forest, where he remained the remaining 6 km, but the most different forms thought up, sometimes wavy lengthwise, sometimes wavy crosswise, sometimes narrowly, then again very narrowly, stony, wurzelig, muddy, highly and down, well and thus we asked ourselves, which was probably more strenuous 12 km of fastened way or 9 km Viet Cong. Of course, from each time the car tipped over, another time the mood. I would say “That was awesome, that’s adventure.” But since my wife was not well, it was an uphill battle for her, which she finally mastered super. My absolute respect!

We reached the mainland, or the paved road, and walked the last three kilometers to and through Heuilley. Arrived on the campground, we did not know at first so right, what we should do, because a reception did not exist, in far away one saw a few caravans and in between lay meadow with hedges. Only one trailer with awning was near us. Three older men were sitting around a table with three big bottles of hard stuff on top of them, which they had also been shining into vigorously. It looked like a normal construction worker’s holiday. I went to them and asked if there was a reception here. One of the men made me understand that he cared. Shortly after, he sped away on an electric scooter and returned a short time later. He said we can pitch our tent where we want and someone will come along. They are really great exercises for me to get confidence in strangers. We had just set up our tent, when a small car came, from which a very friendly lady got out, collected 15, – €, explained everything to us and disappeared again. Simple and uncomplicated, just like the campsite. I have to say, it was the municipal campground and I think it’s really great that they exist. And not every city can just afford its own reception and becomes inventive – many thanks to all “Aire de Camping municipal”!

It’s not always about making big bucks, this place is all about hospitality!

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